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God Of War

God Of War - HD

Heaven Defying God of War, God of War Against the Sky, 逆天战神, 전신귀환

Now showing: Episode 72

Latest episode: 727170

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts

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Movie plot

Hundred years ago, a generation of God of War Ye Qingyun was born, crushing the sons of various great figures, making the enemy frightened by the wind, but unexpectedly betrayed by his lover Luo Ling, brother wolf thirteen, and falling into the Devil Abyss! A hundred years later, all walks of life entered the golden age, and wicked characters emerged wildly! Ye Qingyun was reborn as a waste disciple of the Ye Family, a small family in the Eight Desolate Continent! Fate is reversed and fate is changed! In this life, I will not only crush the genius, but also kill all those who bear me! A ruthless sword, a dragon slaying knife, kill everything, unify the gods, dominate all things!

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