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Gundaddy Immortal

Gundaddy Immortal - HD

This Immortal Isn't Your Slave, This Sword Fairy Is Never A Slave, This Sword fairy will never be a Slave, I'LL NEVER BE A SLAVE, 剣仙システム~女の園で異世界無双~, 本剑仙绝不为奴

Now showing: Episode 40

Latest episode: 403938

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts

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Movie plot

It is I! The handsome and “smooth operator ” Valdeus aka Chu Ran, who often helps the beautiful woman with their scummy boyfriends to vent out their anger, Need a Daddy for hire? Valdeus is here, Need a Fake Marriage partner? oh yes baby, I’m all ears. What about a rental boyfriend? sure I could be your boy toy for the night. One unfortunate night, however, a jealous person decided to revenge against me. At a critical moment, the Weapons Immortal system awakened, I was brought into a world of feminist cultivators Hierarchy and entered the Yaoshan Sect as a furnace material? Now that can’t be right, me? A slave sex? Not this Daddy.

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