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Hey Yo Yorang (Dub)

Hey Yo Yorang (Dub) - HD

My Little Fox, 꼬마여우 요랑

Now showing: Episode 26

Latest episode: 262524

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Kids

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Movie plot

Yorang, a fox who lives in heaven and has important responsibilities, would rather play tricks on others and seek fun all day. One day, heaven holds a festival for the completion of the “Book of Wishes,” a prestigious work that can help remove the black fox’s seal. During this festival, Yo-rang, who is very mischievous, throws away the valuable book. Heaven is threatened by the black fox’s bad magic. Yo-rang, responsible for the debacle, searches for the book and meets a boy named “Kang-hyun,” who loses his mother at an early age and moves to the Fox Village from Seoul, with his father. Kang-hyun and Yo-rang look for the book together. But the black fox tries to ruin their plan, and Kang-hyun and Yo-rang encounter all kinds of hardship. In the end, they develop a strong friendship.

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