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Master of X-RAY Vision

Master of X-RAY Vision - HD

Miraculous X-Ray Vision, Peerless Perspective, Penetrating Vision, 绝品透视, Super Perspective Eye

Now showing: Episode 22

Latest episode: 222120

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Mystery, Shounen

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Movie plot

Zhang Jun, a loafer, accidentally gets the miraculous superpower of X-Ray Vision and stumbles across the Campus Queen, Lin Xian, on his way to the wedding of Class Queen, Ye Qian, who once refused his confession of love. He then follows Lin Xian to gamble on stones and during which, he got better control of this miraculous superpower: X-Ray Vision. The way of success for a small potato, even with the superpower, is by no means easy. Troubles come when Zhang Jun gets too close to Lin Xian. How will he, a nobody, with his X-Ray Vision, get rid of all obstacles along the way, build his power and walk to the pinnacle of his life?

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