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Ten Emperors Are My Disciples

Ten Emperors Are My Disciples - HD

The First Ten Great Emperors Are All My Apprentices, 开局十个大帝都是我徒弟动态漫画, The First Ten Great Emperors Are All My Apprentices

Now showing: Episode 73

Latest episode: 737271

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts

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Movie plot

A generation of kings, Gu Xuanchen, once cultivated ten all-powerful emperors as disciples, but when he broke through the shackles sealed in his body, he was unfortunately wiped out by a thunder calamity! Reborn as his son-in-law, in order to return to the top, he overcame all obstacles and strengthened himself-killing demons, suppressing evil spirits; saving the clan and saving his disciples and grandchildren! In the process of step-by-step passionate practice and defeating powerful enemies, he not only achieved his own growth and rise, but also reaped the treasures of his loved ones and loved ones.

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