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The Rise of the Weak

The Rise of the Weak - HD

逆天战纪, Against the Sky

Now showing: Episode 20

Latest episode: 201918

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural

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Movie plot

Wu Ran, known as the number one trash, accidentally activated the treasure of heaven and earth, the holy soul dice system, during a battle and was seriously injured. He obtained the strange and eccentric dice skills, rescued the little master, and defeated the female immortal cultivator Nisha. Nisha, a female immortal cultivator, has a heart of admiration for him. And to take Wu Ran back to the sect. Nisha, a female immortal cultivator, joins forces with the White Dragon King to attack the earth’s cities, hoping to obtain the treasure of the universe. In the end, Wu Ran defeated Nisha and guarded the earth’s city.

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