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Tsugumomo (Uncensored)

Tsugumomo (Uncensored)


24 mins

Now showing: Episode 12

Latest episode: 121110

Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Romance

3.62/ 5 6 votes

Sunday at 23:30

Movie plot

Kagami Kazuya`s most treasured possession in the world is the obi left to him by his late mother. The scent of cherry blossoms infused into it helps him through his day, but he never expected it to save his life, becoming a beautiful kimono-clad girl who calls herself an artifact spirit. Her name is Kiriha, tsukumogami of the sash, who naturally moves in with him, as he is her owner. Throw in his bespectacled childhood friend Chisato who meddles in his affairs, an overprotective older sister who wants to take baths with him, a busty priestess, a seductive sorceress named Kokuyoura, and Kazuya`s life has just gotten a lot more interesting.

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