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Vampire in the Garden

Vampire in the Garden - HD


Now showing: Episode 5

Latest episode: 543

Genres: Vampire

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Movie plot

It’s been a long winter for mankind, overthrown from its place of dominance after being defeated in the great war against vampires.A small city-state protected by a massive wall of light has become one of the last strongholds of the human race -its leaders determined to regain control over the world they have lost.But within the oppressive city walls, young Momo dreams of a peaceful coexistence with humans’ greatest foe.On the other side, vampire queen Fine, who once loved a human, has decided to desert the battlefield.Seen as betrayers by their own kind, the two have a fateful encounter during yet another savage battle. Together they start a journey in search of “Eden,” an utopic garden of peace that old stories are whispering about, but no-one has ever seen…

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